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Wyatt dataset description

The dataset ''wyatt.txt'' contains information on poems authored by Thomas Wyatt and some of his contemporaries. Some are of unknown authorship. Each row contains information on a single poem. The first 9 columns of the dataset contain metadata. Among them are:

 Column    Description
 ID an identification number for the poem
 Author the current best guess of who the author is
 OAuthor the original author of the poem (e.g. when Wyatt or another translated something)
 OLang the original language of the poem
 TSource the source of the poem (which volume it was obtained from)
 Genre poem genre
 DateStart/DateEnd  an estimate of the time period in which the poem was created
 NumWords the number of words in the poem
 the most frequent unigrams and their counts
 286-364 the most frequent bigrams and their counts

The levels in each column are described in the keys below.

 Author key

 W Wyatt
 IN Inferred as Wyatt
 WT Wyatt's but moderated by Tottel's revisions
 UN Unknown authorship
 SU Surrey
 BR Bryan
 AP Anne Locke Prowse
 GT Grimald but moderated by Tottel's revisions
 GB George Blagge
 EK attributed to E.K. or Edmund Knyvett
 CG Christopher Goodman (Maiden's Dreme)
 AI attributed to A.I.
 RH attributed to Richard Hatfield
 LEattributed to Anthony Lee
 WW William Walter
 JH John Hall
 RC Richard Copland, printer in WW translation of Boccaccio

 Original Language key

 EN  English
 IT Italian
 LA Latin
 UN Unknown

Original Author

 SZ Sannazaro
 AL    Alamanni
 SE Serafino
 JM Jean Marot
 AO Ariosto
 MT Martial
 CR Crates
 TB Theodor Beza
 JT Jean Taffin
 CM Clement Marot
 DB Dragonetto Bonificaccio
 VI Virgil
 CO Giustu Conti
 MS Maurice Sceve
 MF Morcello Filosseno
 MU Musonios
 PC Pandolfo Collunutio
 JS Johannes de Sacrobosco
 PB Pietro Bembo
 SN Seneca
 TE Tebaldeo
 CG Christopher Goodwin
 EL Thomas Elyot

 Text Source

 E Egerton ms
 D Devonshire ms
 B Blage ms
 T Tottel's Miscellany
 A Arundel ms
 H Park-Hill ms
 X Parker Corpus Christi ms
 U Cambridge ms
 V Court of Venus 1538 printing
 2 Court of Venus 1563 printing
 Z Huntington (Bryan) ms
 L Loseley ms of Bryan's
 M Anne Locke's Meditations
 C Marks of the Children of God, Anne Locke
 J Emrys Jones' edition of Surrey
 CD Compendious Ditties
 ST Sternhold Proverbes of Salomon (actually John Hall's)
 JH2 John Hall's 1550 reprint in his own name
 SoL Spectacle of Lovers, William Walter
 GS Guystarde & Sygysmond
 CG2 Christopher Goodwin STC 12047, Maiden's Dreme
 DC Ascribed Poems from Devonshire ms
 I Internet Luminarium online texts


 R Rondeau
 S Sonnet
 EP Epigram
 BA Ballad
 C Canzoni
 SP Songs
 SA Satire
 PS Psalms
 OT Other
Blank Verse